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How to Navigate the Timeshare Resale Market to Sell your Timeshare Successfully

How to sell a timeshare

If you’re unfamiliar with the timeshare resale market, you may think it will be easy to sell your week. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. That’s where our timeshare sales tips come in handy! If you are ready to sell your timeshare, the first step is to download our eBook Five Keys to Safely Navigate the Timeshare Resale Market using the form on this page.

Timeshare Sales Tips

Having found new owners for over 50,000 unwanted timeshares, our guide is designed to give you all the tips you need to sell your timeshare successfully. From documents you need and tips on avoiding timeshare scams to advice on sales incentives, our guide will help you if you are committed to selling your timeshare ownership by yourself.

Use the form on this page to access our easy-to-read, informative guide and find the best way to sell a timeshare. 

Five Keys to Safely Navigate the Timeshare Resale Market

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The Timeshare Specialists Difference

Timeshare Specialists has been a leader in timeshare divestment since 2014, and our goal is to ensure you make the right decision – we’ll assess your ownership and let you know the best timeshare exit option. 

If you choose one of our guaranteed options, we promise you’ll never pay another fee. Since we don’t charge upfront, there’s zero risk to starting one of our programs. Our unique timeshare services and solutions not only set us apart in the industry but have helped thousands of owners get out of timeshare ownership the right way. Our award-winning team is ready to help you today!

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Timeshare Sales Tips Guide