Joseph Manning Poses as Hearing Impaired Timeshare Buyer – Online Scam Alert

Derek received an email from Joseph Manning a man claiming to be interested in purchasing his vacation resort week. Transcript of the email exchange is described below: Derek contacted Timeshare Specialists to make sure he was not getting scammed. Good for Derek! He was definitely being set up for a scam. Scammers name and contact… Read more »

Company Posing as Resort Closings Inc. – Largo, FL

Recently Gary Kane, President of Condo Resort Link, Inc. in Pinellas Park, FL contacted our closing and escrow company Resorts Closings Inc, to warn them scammers working out of a Largo, Florida was using our company name. In the scam, we are now calling the “Timeshare Recovery Scam”, a company targets timeshare owners that they… Read more »

Timeshare Specialists Launches Nation’s First Timeshare Scam Hotline

Bozeman, MT,  April 10, 2017—Most timeshare owners never see it coming.  They think they’ve just closed a deal to sell their property, when in reality they’ve just been scammed out of thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars. One timeshare resale company, Timeshare Specialists, just set up a hotline to prevent these scams before they… Read more »

Get Rid of Your Timeshare

How to Get Rid of Your Timeshare Whether you no longer travel as much as you once did, or you’re just fed up with annual maintenance fees that keep increasing, it’s time to get rid of your timeshare. You might think the best to do that is to sell your timeshare.  However, be forewarned.  There… Read more »

Want to Dump Your Timeshare? Read this first!

Want to Dump Your Timeshare?  Read this first! If you have a timeshare that you no longer use or want, there are much better ways to get rid of it than by turning it over to someone who will simply get you out of your annual maintenance fees—and then abandon the property.   Unfortunately, many… Read more »

Bob Massi, the “Property Man” talks with Timeshare Specialists about getting out of timeshares.

Although recent crackdowns on timeshare scams, like Florida’s “Timeshare Resale Accountability Act” have put many shady players out of business and behind bars, the Better Business Bureau still lists timeshare resale scams as one of the top ten scams in the country! Bob Massi talks with Timeshare Specialists about avoiding timeshare hucksters, how to find… Read more »

Referrals, References and Recommendations: How to find an honest company in the scam ridden timeshare resale market.

One of the best ways to determine the true measure of a company’s competence and trustworthiness is through referrals and recommendations. Unlike an ad, which is typically a self-serving statement made by the company itself, referrals and references are unbiased, third-party endorsements. They don’t come lightly. People must be confident enough that the product or… Read more »

Honest Timeshare Company works to restore faith in the resale market at its own expense

If you’re trying to get rid of your timeshare, don’t pay upfront fees of any kind–EVER.  That saying is so commonplace that it’s become a trusted adage in the timeshare resale market.  Consumer reporters, the Better Business Bureau and even state attorney generals are all saying it.  It’s good advice.  So good in fact, that… Read more »

Timeshares: A Poem

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? What do you think or our poem? Timeshares Timeshares help families go on vacation They give them more room for playful creation There’s kitchens and couches, balconies and decks There’s beaches and seagulls and waves with foam flecks Most owners are happy—it’s guaranteed time in the sun… Read more »

About ARDA: An organization in defense of timeshares

The same way that the NRA lobbies on behalf of American gun owners, or that the AARP fights for the interests of people over 50; the American Resort Developers Association, or ARDA for short, represents the nation’s timeshare industry and timeshare owners. Given the negative impression most people have of timeshares (largely based on consumer… Read more »