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Timeshare Exit Companies

Resorts Pursue Legal Action Against Timeshare Exit Companies and Cancellation Attorneys Every once in a while, you’ll hear about a lawyer who gave someone bad advice. But now there’s an entire category of lawyers who are allegedly getting themselves into legal hot water and their clients into financial trouble. They call themselves: “Timeshare Cancellation Attorneys.”  These attorneys are work in… Read More

Best in Biz Award Winner

Timeshare Specialists voted one of the most socially responsible companies in North America for the second time this year Bozeman, MT, December 27, 2019—For the second time this year, Timeshare Specialists was voted one of the most socially responsible companies in North America, an especially remarkable accomplishment given that the timeshare resale market* is polluted with shady companies and outright… Read More

Redemption and Release Review

“Redemption and Release, LLC is dedicated to educating consumers and the general public on the timeshare industry and the best options available to owners looking for a way to get rid of their timeshare. Redemption and Release LLC reviews every single case individually and offers a free and authentic analysis of your timeshare situation. Redemption and Release LLC can many… Read More

Sell My Timeshare Now Review

Sell My Timeshare now offers a sales platform to sellers and buyers of timeshares across the globe. Sell My Timeshare now invests heavily in marketing and can be found at the top of most search engines when searching for timeshares to buy or sell. With over 5.5 million visits to its family of websites annually, claims to be the world’s… Read More

Timeshare Con-man Impersonates Lawyer & Key to Vacation Club

Our scam-buster team came across a timeshare-con with a new twist, impersonating a licensed attorney. Impersonating legitimate companies and individuals (brokers, escrow agents, attorneys, etc.) is the latest trend in timeshare scams. The scammers use similar brand name email addresses and website URLs to deceive their victims (one scammer replicated our entire website, click here to learn about that timeshare… Read More

How To Spot a Timeshare Scam

Fraud, unfortunately, is something that we put up with more and more every day. I for one am sick of the robocalls telling me to refinance my student loans, that don’t exist. Telling me there is nothing wrong with my credit cards, but to call right away to speak to a manager who can help me stop paying any interest,… Read More

First Properties of New York
is Running a Timeshare Scam

When the Cannefields were solicited by telephone by a man going by the name James Buchanan they had not yet considered selling their timeshare. Although they hadn’t used it in several years, they were still paying maintenance fees and hoped to use it again when their scheduled allowed.  Buchanan immediately offered to purchase their timeshare for $49,960.10!  An unrealistic price… Read More

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