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Most timeshare owners never see it coming. They think they’ve just closed a deal to sell their property when, in reality, they’ve just been scammed out of thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars! Unfortunately, timeshare exit scams are real.

That’s why Timeshare Specialists has set up the nation’s first timeshare scam hotline. Through this service, we hope to prevent timeshare scams before they happen and avoid owners falling victim to timeshare fraud. Our Common Timeshare Scams article offers great insight into how Timeshare scammers operate.

If you have received a suspicious offer or think you may already be a victim of a selling timeshare scam, please contact us immediately. We will assess your situation, documentation, and timeshare “offer” to determine if you are working with a reputable business or a con artist. Our team can also guide you on how to sell a timeshare without getting scammed.

Timeshare Scams Database

[Use the search bar to locate a timeshare resale scam or a fake timeshare selling or escrow company by any identifying information you have: names, addresses, email address, phone number, etc.]

Please Note:
1913 Capital Group LLC.,
365 Tours LLC
625 Hathaway LLC
AB Timeshares
AB Timeshares, LLC
Absolutely Amazing Vacations
Accelerated Sales and Marketing
Ace Properties LLC
Acquisitions Marketing Group
Advance Closing Services LLC
AirGorilla Corp (Pretending to be the Mexican Branch of AirGorilla)
All Counties Escrow Inc
Allegro Travel Vacations Group, LLC
American Financial Management Group
American First Property Rental
Asset World Investments, LLC, Trust & Mortgage Commercial Properties Atty., Atty. Humberto Lopez Arroyo
Avalon Title and Escrow, LLC Marketing
Bavaro Timeshare Closing
Bayview Property Management
BBVA Bancomer (Mexico)
Bear Claw Travel, Best Investment Services
Beltran Notario
Benchmark Escrow
Best Concepts
Best Timeshare Sellers
Beta Property Holdings
Beta Property Holdings, Inc.
BNB LLC International

Boston North End Realty
Broker Global Business Consultants
Bta Property Holdings Inc.
Bull & Bear Properties
Business Brokers International (company), Cimsa Cement and Trade (buyer)
Business Brokers International Expert Property
Cameron Title Company
Capital Access Holdings, LLC
Carolina's Choice Title Inc.
Chateau Escrow LLC
Compass Financial International
Condie Wayne Escrow
Connor & Connor Law Firm
Consultant Firm International
Demand and Escrow LLC
der.com / Lawfirm of Daniel Caggiano
Diversified Holdings
Diversified Investment Holdings
E Timeshare Closing

Emerald Properties Group and International Sales Group New York
Empire City Brokerage LLC
Empire Realty Services LLC
Escape Travel
Escrow Funding LLC
Escrow Holding Management
Escrow One
Escrow Recovery Services Limited Liability Company
Escrow Tech
EscrowNow LLC
Esky Corp (Pretending to be the Mexican Branch of AirGorilla)
Franklin Federal Title and Abstract
Franklin Property
Franklin Property Partners
Franklin Property
Escrow Now, LLC
Garland Title and Escrow, LLC
Global & Asociados S.A. DE CV
Going Places Travel Inc.
Also affiliated with Getaway Travelers Inc.
Golden Midwest Group Brokers LLC
Grand View Properties LLC
Grupo Financiero BBVA Mexico
Hallmark Realty, Daiwa House Industry
Holding & Management US (H&M)
HP & West CPA
HP & West CPA
Ryan Sanders JD
Intercontinental Realty
Intercontinental Realty
Intercontinental Realty
International Advisors, LLC
International Properties ULTD.
JB Wentowrth Law Firm

Jeffrey Baker Wentworth

Travel Link
Joseph Manning
Just Fly Corp
Just Fly Corp
Kate Elizabeth Bacon Law Firm - Scammers using legitimate attorney's name
Kenneth Jaffe Law Firm (New York State)
King Davidson LLC.
L & Accosiates Realty
Late Rooms
Kenneth Jaffe Law Firm
Laterooms.com (Lateroomscorp.com)
Liberty Global One, LLC
Luxury Condos
Mark Diaz
Masters Realty Services
MB Realities

(Multinational Brokers)
McKenzie and Associates
Mexico Global Alliance (MXGA)
Midwest Investment Holdings Inc.
Millennia Property Management
Murillo Defensa Legal
Network Real Estate
Network Real Estate , New York
Capitol Access Holding LLC, Brooklyn, New York
Oakwood Property Management
Olympia Realty in Chicago IL
Preferred Vacation
Premier Property Investemen & Management (since 2006)
Premier Vacation Resales & Title Closing Company
private buyer
Real Estate Concepts LLC
Real Estate Information Services, Inc
Real estate Powerhouse LLC
Real Estate Properties Managment
Realtors LLC
Realty & Estates LLC
Realty and Estates, LLC
Realty Consultants Inc

Daiwa House Industry
Realty Consultants, Inc

Escrow Recovery Services, LLC

Daiwa House
Realty Consultants, Inc

Escrow Recovery Services, LLC

Daiwa House
Realty Partners Chicago
Resort Consultants
Ridgeland Properties
Robert Harold Smith Law Firm
Robert Harold Smith Law Firm
Rodolfo Villanueva Robles and Lorena Garcia de Villanueva, Mexican Citizens and Residents
Ryan Sanders Law Group
Safeway Investors, Inc.
Sage Ventures LLC
Satellite Office of Resort Closings, Inc.
Scammer using "Detecta Hotel Travel" (not detectahotel.com) using the legit company as his front.
Scotia International
Secretaria De Hacienda Y Credito Publico (SHCP) / Comision Nacional Bancaria Y De Valores (CNBV - National Banking and Securities Commission)
Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT)
Sheila Kolbe, Esq.
Victim of identity theft!
Silver City Properties
Simply Real Estate - New York City
Arbelos Insurance, Inc.
Skyza International and FFC Closing
Smart Advantage Group
Sportsmaster, Inc

Alabama Title Solutions
Spring Realty and Escrow Realty
Staten Island Real Estate Properties, Inc.
Ultimate Escrow LLC
Superior Resales Services
TBI Brokers LLC
The Club Exchange Program
The EscrowCloser Inc
The International Group
The Realtors
The Solution Services
The Solution Services LLC
The Travel Store Inc.
Timeshare Complete Transfer Group
Timeshare Complete Transfer Group
Timeshare International
Timeshare Legal Transfer
Timeshare Owners Relief


Timothy Dennis Hance Law Firm
Title Consulting, LLC
Trade Business International Brokers, LLC

TBI Brokers LLC
TravelGenio - Scammer fraudulently claiming to be a real company
TrustWay Services

TS Elimination, LLC
National Consumer Communications
Universal Real Estate Brokerage
Universal Vacation Solutions
Vacation Holdings LLC
Val Capital LLC
Vanesa Ivette Agosto (Attorney)
Wesley Financial Allocation (Not to be confused with Wesley Financial Group)
Westwood Reality of Arizona
Wiilcox Escrow LLC
Woodland Properties
Woodland Properties
Worldwide Properties Real Estate Company
Worldwide Timeshare Exchange
Your Premier Properties Real Estate Corp
GBM Escrow Service Inc
DNA Financial
Romdi Miller Law Firm, Dallas TX
Allegro Travel Vacations Group, LLC
Merchant Services
Consulting & Investment Solutions LLC
Mendoza Villanueva & Asociados
Banco de Mexico
Tafer Group
Crefa Escrows Limited
Walsh Realty NY
Ian Davis Attorneys - San Francisco
Son Attorneys - Mexico
Westwood Realty in Arizona
Michael Zavala Escrow
L & Associates going as Lewis and Associates Realty
Goldcrest Corp LTD
Rental Coordinator
Enterprise Capital Corp

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