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Get more out of your ownership with Timeshare Exchange Programs

If you’re like many timeshare owners, you may have been happy at first traveling to the same resort year after year, but now you’re thinking of going someplace else. So, what do you do? One answer is to join a timeshare exchange program.

What Are Timeshare Exchange Companies?

Timeshare exchange companies serve as membership programs for owners looking to trade their week for new vacation experiences. Major resort brands often offer internal exchange options within their networks, while prominent exchange companies facilitate exchanges between affiliated resorts.

What Are Timeshare Exchange Programs?

Timeshare exchange programs allow timeshare owners to swap their allocated vacation time at one resort for a stay at another within the program’s network. Essentially, owners deposit their timeshare week or points into the exchange program, making them available for other members to choose from. In return, members gain access to a wide choice of vacation destinations worldwide, offering flexibility and variety in travel experiences.

When To Consider Timeshare Exchange Programs

The Hohaven’s story

Michael and Janice Hohaven have twin boys who loved Disney World when they were younger. “That theme park is all they ever talked about,” remembers Janice. “One of them actually wrote a story about the place, and both of them drew pictures of all the characters and activities there.”

As a surprise for their boys, the Hohavens bought a fixed week timeshare in Orlando. The twins were thrilled.  So were Michael and Janice—at least at first. “The fun was no longer in just reliving past memories but looking forward to making new ones as well,” says Janice. “Now we could go there every year.”

But after hitting the same resort for five years in a row, even the kids, now older, were ready to move on and explore new horizons.

The Laughlin’s story

Bill and Nancy Laughlin knew from the start they didn’t want to be tied down to one timeshare. Yet, they also bought a fixed-week timeshare in Orlando. They didn’t, however, do it to visit Disney World again and again like the Hohavens, but to swap it for other timeshare vacation opportunities around the world.

On its most basic level, timeshare exchange allows owners to trade timeshare weeks. To better meet their vacation needs, both of these timeshare owners joined an exchange company. The Hohaven’s joined years after they purchased their timeshare, the Laughlin’s right away.

Joining an exchange program can open a number of opportunities at a variety of locations. In the last two years, for instance, the Hohavens deposited their week in Orlando and have travelled to a ski resort in the Poconos one year and a resort on the strip in Vegas the next.

Best Timeshare Exchange Companies

As expected, the larger, more established resorts such as Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham and Worldmark, just to name a few, all give owners the ability to travel or exchange internally throughout their own systems.

Otherwise, the two largest and best-known exchange companies in the United States are Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International.  

Each exchange company affiliates with particular resorts. For instance, most of Marriott’s resorts are exchanged through Interval International. Wyndham is exchanged through RCI. Smaller exchange companies are independent operations and not endorsed by any resort.

How Does Timeshare Exchange or Swapping Work?

When timeshare owners join an exchange company, they deposit their week or points in the exchange program. That week then becomes available for other program members to choose from. At the same time, the new member can choose from other timeshare locations that have been deposited in the program. Both RCI and II also offer other vacation opportunities, everything from cruises and hotel stays to events, safaris, airline miles, and more.

Timeshare Exchange Program Costs

The yearly fee to join an exchange program is typically about $99. Once you actually swap a vacation, you’ll also have to pay an exchange fee, which can range from $80 to $200, depending on your circumstances. For instance, it would be cheaper to exchange a five-day stay than a ten-day stay and more expensive to book six months in advance as opposed to six weeks. 

Remember, if you join an exchange club, every timeshare has a different value. So don’t expect to get a straight across trade with an off-season week in Colorado for a high-season week in Hawaii.

Exploring timeshare exchange programs can significantly enhance the flexibility and enjoyment of timeshare ownership, allowing you to discover new vacation destinations and experiences.

However, if you’re considering selling your timeshare or exploring options to divest, our services at Timeshare Specialists will provide valuable assistance. We specialize in helping timeshare owners navigate the complexities of divestment with ethical and trustworthy solutions.

For any questions or assistance, reach out to us. We’re here to help you make informed decisions about your timeshare ownership.

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