What are the costs to get rid of a timeshare?

costs to get rid of a timeshare

Owning a timeshare can be a dream. Trying to get rid of one—a nightmare. Owners find it hard to believe the timeshare they paid so much for when it was new is now worth so little on the resale market—often just pennies on the dollar, if that. Even more shocking? The only sure-fire way to get rid of your timeshare—and put an end to those life-long annual maintenance fees—is to pay a company like Timeshare Specialists to transfer title.

Still, what are the costs to get rid of a timeshare?

That’s the question Barbara and Roy Anderson asked. The Anderson’s live in New Hampshire and own a timeshare in Orlando. Barbara and Roy originally bought their vacation property so that their young kids could enjoy Disneyland while they were growing up. With a kitchen and extra bedroom, the timeshare acted like a second home, right next to their fantasy getaway. But now their kids are in high school and not so interested in Mickey Mouse. And Barbara and Roy want to explore new places, like the Caribbean.
To help Barbara and Roy understand the cost of our programs, we gave them a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know to sell a timeshare yourself. It’s the exact process we use here at Timeshare Specialists.

After looking at the list, and realizing how much work and money it would cost them to try to sell their own timeshare, the Anderson’s decided to have us handle their transfer, hassle free.

Of course, not everyone makes that decision. Take Harry Bankerman, a business consultant from Alabama. Empowered by the step-by-step do-it-yourself guide, Harry wanted to sell the property himself. Unfortunately, rather than making, or even saving, money, actually he lost more—much more.

For three years, he paid a listing company and got no results, except constant calls from scammers posing as interested buyers. In fact, Harry actually got scammed twice, despite our warnings, which cost him thousands of dollars. And, during the entire time his timeshare was listed, he had to continue paying those annual maintenance fees without using his property.

Harry’s story is no exception, but rather, the brutal reality. News stations and consumer reporters constantly warn timeshare owners of the dangers of the resale market. Check out this especially heartbreaking story, which happened earlier this year and aired on the CBS station in Idaho: click here to watch.

While it may seem self serving for us to say it, the sad truth is that the timeshare resale market is so corrupt and ruthless that very few owners survive it, much less benefit from it. It’s a proven fact that the longer people wait to get rid of their timeshare, the more it will typically cost them.

That’s also why the remark we hear most often from our customers, including Harry, is “I wish I had done this sooner.”

Those wanting to get rid of their timeshare pay a higher and higher cost each year they choose to keep a timeshare they aren’t using, don’t want, or no longer need.

If you have any questions about how to get rid of your timeshare, call us anytime at 1-800-965-6565 for free, expert advice.

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    1. HI Ruth, fees will vary depending on program your timeshare qualifies for and what the resort charges to transfer title out of your name. In some case we can transfer your timeshare for free. Contact us and we can discuss your timeshare and get you a quote in no time.

    2. No upfront fees. Every transaction is based on the resort’s rules for transfer. They charge misc. fees. Call today for a free estimate, takes less than 5 minutes.

  1. Hi,
    We have been Monarch Grand Vacation Resort Owners (acquired by Diamond Resorts) for over 10 years now. The HOA fees are increasing every year, yet we are not even allowed to use any of Diamond Resort’s facilities unless we put in $50k for additional points. This is like pouring gasoline in your already burning house.

    What are my options?


    1. Hi Percy, sounds like you have some serious timeshare troubles on your hands. We are interested in your timeshare. If you have 10 minutes we can quickly explain your options and how you can get rid of your MGV timeshare. We are open on MLK day, please call 1-800-965-6565, or go to our website, enter your information, and a specialist will reply shortly.

  2. My wife and I own at Silver Lake Resort in Orlando, Florida area. Are vacation habits have changed over the years. Interested in getting rid of the timeshare. Wondering what Timeshare Specialists can do for us.

  3. We are looking to get out of our timeshare with Diamond resorts. The fees keep going up and our vacation needs are not the same. My question is what fees are upfront to have a company like yours to help us get out of this timeshare. Our income is limited at present so I am wanting to know if there is a payment program of sorts or is there a set fee?

    1. Hi Deborah, every timeshare divestment is different, and many of the fees are dictated by the resorts themselves: resort transfer fees, estoppel request fees, etc. If you have time I suggest giving us a call M-F 9-5pm MST 1-800-965-6565 so we can discuss your options. We do take Diamond timeshares into our program and we never charge upfront fees.

  4. Silver owner at Bluegreen Vacation Club. Maint. fee now at almost $1900.00. We’re retired and drowning.
    We do need help.

    1. Hi Jerry, it’s tough when you fall behind in maintenance fees, not only does your credit take a hit, but maintenance fees paid in full is usually required to get out of your timeshare. Most timeshare resorts will refuse to transfer title out of your name if are not current on your account. Please give us a call a 1-800-965-6565 or chat live with us on our website. We can advise you on the best way to get rid of those pesky maintenance fees.

    1. Hi Mildred, sell your timeshare and you permanently end your maintenance fees. Renting can be great option if you’d like to keep you timeshare but recoup the fees when you aren’t using it.

  5. We own timeshare at Massanutten since 1992. Of course it is paid off but we have no further use for it. How can we sell it. Maint fee is $780 presently.

    1. Hi Charles, this could be a timeshare we are interested in! Please call us at 1-800-965-6565 so we can get more details. It takes less than 10 minutes and you could be timeshare free!

  6. i spent 2900 dollars to get rid of my timeshare and no one ever contacts me and it has been a long time everytime i call it is like im imposing on them the number i called is 407-439-0223 i never received any papaerwork or anything letting me know what kind of contract i have

  7. We purchase a timeshare through Welks Resort that very even year. We have audition points that we are using. We haven’t used any of our point from the ownership. They actually starts January 1, 2018. And the maintenances fee are over $1600, we can’t afford it any more. What can we do? My husband said yes because I wanted it, but now it is getting to much and we don’t have the money. What can we do?

    1. Hi Michelle, this sounds like a recent purchase, and therefore may carry a mortgage…and we do have a solution for those who still owe money on their timeshare. Of course it is easier to get rid of your timeshare when you have it paid in full, but like I said, there are still options. We need more information from you, so please call us this week and we’d be happy to discuss your situation with you.

    1. HI Christine, a timeshare that is not paid in full and has past due maintenance fees is really hard to work with. Especially so if it’s Geo Holiday. We do have an program for those with a mortgage still on their timeshare that you might qualify for. Please call us tomorrow during normal business hours and we can take a look for you.

  8. I owe timeshare from Wyndham at Cypress Palms. It fully paid for and we get to use it every odd year—2019 with 105000 points. Monthly maintenance fees are paid from automatic draw from checking account.. please help.

  9. My partner and I have owned a timeshare at Welk Resort for a few years but I’ve been having the bulk of it and it’s killing my finances. How can I get rid of this?

    1. We have a special relationship with Welk resorts so give us a call at 1-800-965-6565 or fill out form on our website, and we can discuss your options with you. Thanks!

  10. We own a Bluegreen timeshare. It is for 7000 points every even year. maint. fees are $600.00 each year. Everything is current. What would the cost be to get rid of it.

  11. We own at Welk resort in Branson, MO. We no longer wish to be owners. Looking for help in getting out from under this situation. There are no fees due and we are the owners as it is completely paid off. Can you help us?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, if you want a painless exit you came to the right place. And since your mortgage is paid off you are in an excellent position to divest of your timeshare. So give us a call and we can explain which program would be a best fit to get you timeshare free. 1-800-965-6565. Thanks!

  12. We have a timeshare on Hilton Head Island with RCI and we want to sell now that we’re moving there. We’ve tried to rent it, sell it; lost money to two companies that never did a thing. We’re retiring and want to reduce costs. Like to know how you handle this process. Thank you!

    1. Hi Judy, we would transfer this property out of your name with our Guaranteed Program. Please submit your information online via our form or call us direct at 1-800-965-6565 and we can provide you with more details about the process.

  13. My dad owns a time share at summerbay resort in Florida it has been paid off for years but he can not travel any more and would like to just get out of it, if you have any options I would like to know more info on the approximate cost of transfer. Thank You

    1. Hi John, since your timeshare is paid off that puts you in a great position to divest. We are always interested in Florida properties, but we must assess each property on a case by case basis so please give us a call and we will assess the cost of our program for you, it only takes a few minutes. 1-800-965-6565

  14. Hi we have time share and the mortgage is paid up but we are behind on maintenance fees about $2000. How can we get out of it

    1. Hi Charles, there may be an opportunity to negotiate with the resort on your past due fees. Please call us to learn more about how we can help you get out of your timeshare.
      1-800-965-6565. In 10 minutes we’ll get you the best solution to your timeshare troubles.

  15. I am trying to get rid of our timeshare from the Festiva Resort located in Kissimmee Florida. We are tired of the maintenance fees and the scam artists that keep continuing to sell us their property to get rid of ours. We are THROUGH with timeshares.

    1. Hi Kelven, if you are done with you timeshare then you’ve come to the right place. We’d be happy to consult you on your options. Please call 1-800-965-6565.

  16. i have a timeshare with geo holiday currently. all fees are up to date. There is still a balance left of the financing part of it (not a whole lot) but would like to wipe my hands clean of all this. I’ve had it for 4 years now. The payments and fees are becoming too much. i want to get rid of this before it ends up ruining my credit

    1. HI Evan,
      You definitely don’t want a timeshare to ruin your credit, so you’ve come to the right place. We will need more specifics about what you own and how much you owe to see what program will work for you. Please call us at 1-800-965-6565 for a brief consultation and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  17. Last year my daughter and were suckered into buying a timeshare…..never did they say that we had to shell out 250 bucks plus the 900.00 a year maintenance fee….we have yet to use the timeshare cause we have to pay all these fees that was not explained to us and they refused to let us leave…..we were there for 6 hours!!!!!! A day lost in our vacation…….we still have 10 thousand to pay off…..we are just ready to stop making any payments and losing our butts on it……

    1. Hi Renee,

      Sounds like a timeshare nightmare, one we’ve heard many times before… Fortunately, there are programs for owners, like you, that still carry a mortgage. You can call us at your convenience for more information.

  18. My wife and I own a Silver leaf timeshare in Kimberly City Mo. We owe nothing on it. Our yearly maintenance fee has gone up to $1000/year. We paid $600 for a resale company to sell it for 2 years and have not got 1 offer. What is my best way to get rid of this timeshare?

    1. Hi Kirby & Barbara, what you are experiencing is the common problem with listing sites. High fees, and low motivation to sell. After all, selling a timeshare is much more work than simply collecting a yearly fee. The best way to get rid of your timeshare is to hire a divestment company such as ours, but there a couple more options you might be interested in. Check out our brief webinar to learn more! https://timesharespecialists.com/webinar/

  19. We own a timeshare at Grand Crowne in Branson MO. It is paid for and all maintenance fees are paid. We would like to get rid of it because of our age. What do you charge and when do we need to pay the charges?

    1. Hi Karen, with your timeshare paid off and everything current you are in an excellent position to divest of your timeshare. We’d love to consult you on your options. Fees will vary so please call us at your convenience 1-800-965-6565 M-F 9 am – 5pm MST.

  20. We have two weeks in the Manhattan Club in NYC that we would like to get sell, One week is in the Penthouse-Full Moon and one is A Full Suite. We no longer travel and there is no reason for us to keep paying the maintenance. What do you think can be done? And can you estimate what the cost will be to give them up?

    1. HI Gail, certainly if you aren’t travelling anymore you don’t need your timeshare, and we’d be happy to discuss your divestment options. There are several ways out in your case, please call us for your free, no-obligation consult.

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