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Can You Sell or Give Back a Timeshare to the Resort?

Timeshare owners who no longer want their week or are seeking an exit strategy often ask us if they can file a quit claim deed to give back their timeshare or if they can sell it back to the resort.

Quit claim deeds are fast, easy and inexpensive. In the case of timeshares, quit claim deeds are legal documents where one person gives up their property rights to another with no money exchanged. Quit claim deeds are frequently used during a divorce process where, say, one spouse gives up half of a jointly owned home.

Understanding Timeshare Deed Back

The idea of using a quit claim deed to give back an unwanted timeshare usually occurs after owners have spent two or three years and thousands of dollars unsuccessfully listing their timeshare on the resale market.

So, will a quit claim deed work in this case? Can you just give your timeshare back to the resort by using one? The first part of that answer is: yes, it is technically possible. The second part is: but it’s not very likely.

Resorts are not obligated to accept a quit claim deed; therefore, acceptance of a quit claim deed is not guaranteed. Quit claim deeds work best and are typically used when the other person wants what you have—and need assurance that you won’t try to take back whatever you are giving them at a later date.

That’s just not the case with a timeshare. Your resort would much prefer that you retain ownership of your week, especially since that ownership comes with the legal obligation to pay your annual maintenance and other fees. For similar reasons, selling your timeshares back to the resort or timeshare buy backs are doubtful.

On the other hand, it may not hurt to try. A resort with an active line might take your unit back if they needed inventory to sell.

How To Deed Back A Timeshare

Some owners imagine the only real leverage they have when negotiating a quit claim deed with the resort is to threaten default of their maintenance fee payments. These owners try to convince the resort that it will be less expensive for them to take the unit back rather than having to repossess it later.

We don’t recommend you take this approach, as all you will likely accomplish is to provoke the resort. And if you do go through with your threat, there is a real chance that the resort will foreclose on you and ruin your credit.

For owners considering deed back options, we advise seeking legal guidance and having an attorney to help you. Whether consulting with an attorney or utilizing online resources for quit claim deed templates, it is recommended you fill in all the information pertaining to your situation, including the description on the original deed. Then you’ll need to record it with the county courthouse.

Once recorded, contact your resort manager and present him or her with your offer. While the chance of them accepting to take back your timeshare is slim, you may just get lucky. If they don’t take it back, call us at Timeshare Specialists, and we’ll help you find the best way to divest given your circumstances.

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At Timeshare Specialists, we understand the complexities of timeshare divestment and offer expert guidance to owners navigating their exit journey. We can help answer any questions regarding your timeshare and explore viable options to divest from your timeshare ownership.

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