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Canadians get Phony Offer for Grand Mayan and Contact Timeshare Specialists for Advice

Several days ago, repeat customers of Timeshare Specialists called us regarding a suspicious offer they received from a broker with “International Sales Group” (ISG).   The owner had received phony offers to purchase his timeshare before and was able to ascertain they were illegitimate. However, he was unsure about the offer presented by ISG, so he contacted us.   (This smart couple… Read More

Timeshare Company Builds Trust—One Review at a Time

With so many con artists and dubious companies in the timeshare resale market, it’s hard to know exactly who to trust. That’s why Timeshare Specialists turned all of their customer reviews over to an independent, third-party company: Trust Pilot. “We want people to know what our customers are saying about us,” says John Kushman, one of the owners of Timeshare… Read More

Timeshare Resale Scam Infographic

If you have received a suspicious offer or think you may already be a victim of timeshare fraud please contact us immediately at 1-888-592-5303. We will assess your situation, documentation, and timeshare “offer” to determine if you are working with a reputable business or a con-artist. If you have already sent money, and know that you have been involved with… Read More

Timeshare Specialists Saves Elderly Man from Mexican Timeshare Scam

TSS solves a scam left in their comments section – we can help you too! Earlier this a Grand Mayan timeshare owner named  Jim left a comment on our blog (we’ve underlined the tell-tale warning signs of a scam so you learn what to look for in a fraudulent offer): “We’ve been getting at least 2 requests a week, for… Read More

This Scam Tempts Timeshare Owners with Unbelievable Prices

Recently a timeshare owner contacted us about an offer he received from The Club Exchange Program in Las Vegas, want to know if they are legitimate organization.  We had not heard of this particular company before so we inquired about the terms of sale. The owner said the CEP offered to wire or send cashier check for $52,800 for his… Read More

Tell Mel: Timeshare hotline helps to discover if the offer is legit or a scam

Consumer reporter Melania Payne recently wrote about the work Timeshare Specaliasts is doing to help timeshare owners avoid getting scammed for thousands of dollars with our Timeshare Scam Hotline. “The reason we started the company was so people can call and say, ‘Am I being scammed?’ and get it to stop before they lose their money,” said John Kushman, the owner… Read More

Welk Resorts Files Suit Against Timeshare Exit Team For Widespread Racketeering Scheme to Defraud Vacation Owners, Members and Companies

Suit Alleges Timeshare Exit Team Induced Owners to Breach Contracts, Offered False Guarantees That Credit Scores Wouldn’t be Damaged; Split Fees with Lawyers July 26, 2017 SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Welk Resorts, developer of family-friendly vacation resorts, has filed suit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California against Reid Hein & Associates, operating as “Timeshare Exit Team,” and law… Read More

Timeshare Con-Artist Tells All

TSscammer, a self proclaimed timeshare con-artist recently wrote a post on a board on TUG (Timeshare Users Group) revealing some interesting details from the inside of a timeshare scam operation. Although TSscammer refrained from revealing the secrets to his new and lesser known scams he did elaborate on some of the more widely known scams and how he and his… Read More

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