Timeshare Specialists Saves Elderly Man from Mexican Timeshare Scam

mexican timeshare scam alert

TSS solves a scam left in their comments section – we can help you too!

Earlier this a Grand Mayan timeshare owner named  Jim left a comment on our blog (we’ve underlined the tell-tale warning signs of a scam so you learn what to look for in a fraudulent offer):

“We've been getting at least 2 requests a week, for about 2 years, from people wanting to sell our Grand Mayan timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  We hung up after about a minute of conversation with all of them until a unique group contacted us last May.  This group, out of Atlanta, was rated A+ by BB and the title company they use was also A+.  In order to get out of our Mayan contract, we had to deposit 10 years maintenance fees or a little over $13,000.  They buy agreed to reimburse us for this cost at closing.  A few days later the title company stated that the Mexican government has a new law that in order to sell Mexican property you had to pay a one-time $4,700 fee in order to sell as a non-resident.We reluctantly sent this fee to the title company and were guaranteed the buyer would also reimburse this.  A few days later we were contacted that the Mexican government would not release the property to us to sell unless we paid a 15% tax on the sale, which the buyer would also reimburse.

We did more checking, felt this was a bad new law, but reluctantly sent this to the title company, which also was to be reimbursed.  All of this money went to a bank in Mexico.  At this point, we were to get the purchase price and reimbursed for the fees and taxes we'd paid.  NOW FOR THE CLINCHER.  They claim that because we were more than 3 days in getting the tax money to the title company that the Mexican government wanted $8,500 for a Moratorium fee.   We DID not and will not send this last fee.  The title company says they cannot refund all of the money to us, unless the buyer agrees, as we broke the contract.

Yes, with hindsight, it appears we have a major problem on our hands.

Besides going to the BBB and Georgia Attorney General's' office, can you recommend where we can get help?   At age 80, I can't afford to lose this money.


mexican timeshare scam alert

Sadly, you can easily see how this scam works: a never ending list of fees imposed by “the government” so they are “non-negotiable” and the seller’s objections are thwarted.  The following is our reply to Jim. You can get a free, thorough, expert assessment of your timeshare offer simply by contacting our timeshare scam hotline! We live up to our name as Timeshare Specialists – we are able to ascertain, typically within a few minutes, whether the offer you received is legitimate or not. Don’t get taken for a ride and end up out thousands of dollars and nothing to show for it, contact us today!

Our response to Jim:

Good Afternoon Jim,

I received your post on our page regarding your Grand Mayan timeshare and the scam you are currently dealing with.

Let me start with, DO NOT send them another dime. This scam is exactly like one I am working with a local timeshare owner on. She also owns through Mayan group, and to date has wired over $18,000 to a Mexican bank for pretty much the same ridiculous fees and charges that you are talking about.

If it is the same it is most likely these two outfits. Kevin Reed with Absolutely Amazing Vacations, and Escrow Services LLC.

The problem is the Absolutely Amazing Vacations has no BBB Rating – https://www.bbb.org/atlanta/business-reviews/travel-agencies-and-bureaus/absolutely-amazing-vacations-and-travel-in-atlanta-ga-27700058

Their website was registered on November 10, 2016. They claim to have been in business since 2006. In all actuality, the Absolutely Amazing Vacations was dissolved in 2012 and then reinstated on November 11, 2016. So what they did is took a legitimate company’s name that had dissolved and reinstated it so it looked like they were legit. The address they have for 1100 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 200 in Atlanta Georgia is a virtual office. Basically, they have a receptionist that answers the phone and forwards mail.

Escrow Services LLC was registered first in 2004. It dissolved in 2015 for failure to file an annual report. It was reinstated on 11/21/2016. Just ten days after their website was registered with the state. Their website shows an address of 1050 Crown Point Parkway, Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30338.This is also a virtual office just down the road from Absolutely Amazing Vacations. I have called their office repeatedly and received no response to date.

We have transferred thousands of timeshares in Mexico and there is no need for any of the fees they have charged you. There is no tax on the sale. There is no Moratorium fee. The need to deposit 10 years of maintenance fees is unnecessary as well.

Because the wires were all sent to Mexico, there is very little luck in getting the funds back. If they were in fact held in a real escrow in the United States you may have some luck. Unfortunately, that is not the case in this instance.

I would recommend contacting the Georgia Attorney General’s office. Another outfit to try to check out would be Profeco. They are basically the attorney general of Mexico –https://www.profeco.gob.mx/english.htm. If there is any hope it would be with Profeco as far as getting your funds back.

If you want to forward me any information you have from these scammers we would greatly appreciate it. We are currently working with a news outlet in Atlanta and here in Montana, and if you are willing to go on record it might make finding these people and putting them away a little bit more possible.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

If you have received a suspicious offer or think you may already be a victim of timeshare fraud please contact us immediately at 1-888-592-5303. We will assess your situation, documentation, and timeshare “offer” to determine if you are working with a reputable business or a con-artist.

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  1. We have had hundreds of calls wanting to sell our Mayan Palace timeshare. Currently, one says “no up front fees” but I suspect if we sign anything, we could be hit with the fees as the example did. Is there anyway to sell a Mayan unit without having to pay Mayan? Mayan tells us we can only sell to them unless they approve the sale in advance and still will have to pay them about $4K. (The current solicitor is Travel Innovations out of Metairie,LA.)

    1. HI Lawana, Mayan does not have first right of refusal, so you can sell to anyone, you don’t have to sell back to Mayan. They may have a large transfer fee, some Mexican resorts want several years worth of maintenance fees in exchange for the right to transfer your timeshare to a new owner. We have a timeshare scam hotline that can help you assess this situation further. At this time it appears to be a scam. Please do not wire money, and only work with a reputable agency, like ours, to sell or transfer a timeshare. We really do offer “no upfront fees”, and we have hundreds of satisified customers, see the proof here >> https://www.trustpilot.com/review/timesharespecialists.com

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