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A timeshare owner we’ll call “Jeff” was staying at his timeshare in Cancun when he agreed to attend a meeting that was billed as informative in nature, one where owners would be updated on their resort’s latest features and benefits and how the management was maintaining their “investment”.

The meeting ended up being nothing more than a timeshare sales presentation.

Jeff told the sales agent he was happy with his current interval holdings in Mexico, but he would be interested in selling his interval ownership in Aruba.

After Jeff returned from his vacation he received a call and an email from the person below with a proposal to purchase his Aruba weeks for $17,000 each!

decolar timeshare scam
Agent: Mark Diaz
Ext.- 702
Sales Department
Av. Pdte. Masaryk 407, Polanco, Polanco III Secc. Ciudad de Mexico
Toll Free: 1-(800)-728-1292|Fax: (800)-985-4354 |
sales@decolarmx.com |www.decolar.com|

The scammer is using the good name of a legitimate company, Decolar.com to make his scam appear legitimate. You will see that his email address resembles the name of the legitimate company, decolar.com. Scammers are hoping you’ll overlook small details like this, so keep an eye out for discrepancies between URLs, or addresses, or phone numbers of a business you are dealing with. Decolarmx.com does not lead to an actual website and the phone number listed goes to a now defunct company in Colorado.

The website for the resort the owner was interested in selling has ownership for sale starting at $3,500. A quick Google search of your timeshare sale listing of your timeshare will reveal current prices. $17,000 was clearly an inflated price meant to lure the buyer in with promises of a quick sale at a high price.

Timeshare Specialists intercepted this scam before it could proceed. The next step in this scam would likely have been the scammer asking Jeff to wire funds to Mexico or a bank account in the US to make it look less suspicious.

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  1. We are currently in the process of selling our time share
    It appears every time we think it will be ended they ask for more money. Currently we have sent $24,000 into Mexico.
    The PACKAGE is now in customs and it has gotten impossible
    to talk to the attorney in Texas or any one in the customs in
    If this is not ended to our satisfaction we will go to the attorney’s office and start trying to get to the bottom
    I have no idea if we have been scammed or whatever but I will show all telephone numbers and e-mail address at the end

    1. Hi Marivn, wow if you’ve put 24K into the sale of your timeshare something is definitely NOT right…it sounds like the scam we profiled here: https://timesharespecialists.com/timeshare-specialists-busts-Mexican-timeshare-scam

      I’ve sent your information to our timeshare fraud specialist department. An agent will reach out to you shortly. Please do not send anymore money to these folks! It’s doubtful an attorney can help you recover fees sent to hucksters in a foreign country. This is the unfortunate nature of timeshare fruad…rarely do victims get their money back!

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