Nation’s first timeshare scam hotline is no joke

While people around the country are scheming up pranks for April Fool’s Day, a leading group of timeshare experts is working to stop them—or at least the ones harmful to timeshare owners.

A year ago this month, the founders of Timeshare Specialists, a timeshare liquidation company in Bozeman, Montana, started the nation’s first timeshare scam hotline in order to protect owners who are trying to sell their properties. That’s because the timeshare resale market is so dangerous, that you have a greater chance of getting scammed than finding an actual buyer. According to the Better Business Bureau, it’s one of the most likely places in the nation to get ripped off.

“In the last year, the hotline has saved dozens of owners from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars to these timeshare crooks,” says John Kushman, a hotline founder. “Still, that’s just a drop in the bucket.”

Kushman announced the hotline last year in a PSA that aired on radio stations across the country.

“Station managers and news directors around the nation gave this project airtime because people everywhere are affected by this,” Kushman says, who points out that there are nine million timeshare owners in the U.S. alone. “These are good people. We don’t want criminals turning them into fools.”

Timeshare owners can call the hotline toll free at 1-877-316-9181.

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