Step by Step Guide: How to Sell Your Timeshare Yourself

Here at Timeshare Specialists, we help people get rid of their unwanted timeshares every day. Frustrated with life-long annual maintenance fees, con-men posing as interested buyers, as well as the time, effort and cost it takes to sell a timeshare; most people turn to one of our hassle free programs to end their timeshare obligations.

If you’re looking to get rid of a timeshare yourself, here is a step-by-step guide of what you’ll need to do.

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how to sell your timeshare

Run a title search. This will prove to potential new owners that the title is clear.

Contact the resort/management for proof of what you own and owe. You’ll want the resort to send you the details of your ownership, including: number of bedrooms and bathrooms; the view, whether your unit is a fixed or floating week, as well as what season you have and the usage frequency. You’ll also need proof that your account is current and there are no outstanding special assessments. This will give potential new owners peace of mind and show them that your timeshare won’t come with any hidden costs or surprises.

List your timeshare online. Many listing companies are completely ineffective and range greatly in price. Do your research. Ask where they advertise. Also search Google for terms like “buy a timeshare” and see where they show up.

Be careful of scammers. Once you list your timeshare for sale, you’ll likely be flooded with calls. Unfortunately, most, if not all of them will be from scammers posing as interested buyers. The Better Business Bureau warns that the timeshare resale market is one of the most likely places to get scammed in the country. Be very careful as these scams are numerous and very believable. Always remember never give your credit card or pay any upfront fees.

Offer incentives. If it don’t get any legitimate bites right away, start offering free usage, free closing, or even cash cards (Again, remember, don’t give anyone a free cash card until your deed is transferred as the buyer may likely be a conman).

If you do get a buyer, you can handle the transaction yourself, or seek professional help to make sure the transfer is done right the first time. Here is our advice on how to successfully transfer a timeshare to your buyer, click here.

If you need more free advice about how to sell a timeshare yourself, or if want to avoid the hassle and danger altogether and have us handle the process, give us a call at 1-800-665-6565.

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  1. I need to sell my timeshare. I don’t have money up front so I need help to sell myself. I’m the widow of a Vietnam veteran and do not get to use the time share.

    1. HI Brenda, did you download the guide? Find it here >> . Our specialists can answer any questions you have about the steps listed within the guide. Our guaranteed timeshare divestment program requires no money up front. Often times owners will try and sell their timeshare for several years, all the while paying large maintenance fees. They eventually give up and call us. Selling a timeshare is not that easy in today’s market. Check to get a good idea of how much your timeshare is currently selling for.

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