Why you Need a Timeshare Broker

why you need a timeshare broker

A good broker can help sell your timeshare when it is all but impossible for the average owner to find a buyer in today’s depressed resale market. They know how to set the right price, properly market the property and get it sold for a profit.

The problem is finding one that will actually take your property. As a rule, most traditional real estate brokers won’t handle timeshares. They are often too unfamiliar with fractional ownership and there just isn’t enough resale value in the average timeshare to make it worth their while.

On the other hand, brokers that specialize in timeshares only take certain properties—those select few that have retained enough value to provide them with a return on their time and effort. A quick look at E-bay and you’ll see many timeshares selling for pennies on the dollar, often less. From a broker’s point of view, if a property won’t sell for more than $1,000, the numbers aren’t going to work for them. So unless you have a special property, chances are you’re going to end up on your own.

A word of warning: some shady companies advertise themselves as “timeshare brokers.” Be especially careful of those that try to charge you an upfront fee. Upfront fees mean one of two things: you’re getting scammed, or your property hasn’t retained enough value to provide them with a proper commission. Once they have your money, these shady companies have little incentive to sell your property. This ends up costing you time, money, and headaches—all with no results.

If you do have a hard to sell property, a good broker will tell you so and often point you in the other directions. For instance, they might give you tips like “post it at work” or “put it on craigslist.” Many times, they will simply refer you to us. We work with dozens of the most reputable brokers and their clients to get rid of timeshares they can’t sell. If you haven’t spoken to a broker yet, call us. We’ll let you know if your property has retained enough value to be of interest to a broker and then we’ll refer you to the ones who can best help you.

Otherwise, in the likely event that you have less than optimal property, we’ll help you get rid of those annual maintenance fees once and for all with a program that is right for you.

If you need a good broker to help sell your timeshare, give us a call at 1-800-965-6565

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  1. Looking for a way to rid ourselves of this timeshare and annual fees has already been a hassle. We won’t pay anyone up front for a transaction that may not happen. So far, yours is the first company with a good rating who doesn’t want our money in advance.

  2. The 800 number you have on your web-site has too many numbers in it so I can’t use it. (800-9675-6565). You might want to correct it.

    We would like to sell or Hilton Grand Vacation Timeshare located in Trump Tower, Las Vegas. Two units one contract, a one bedroom and one studio. It no long suits our vacation desires.

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