TimeshareSalesNow.com Steals our Digital Identity – Online Timeshare Scam Alert!

online timeshare scams are on the rise

There is no doubt that technology has allowed timeshare scammers to conduct more elaborate, believable, and efficient scams in recent years.  We have covered many cases of con men operating behind phony websites that only experienced timeshare industry professionals, such as ourselves, are able to identify as fraudulent.

Imagine our surprise when we found out that the scammers had targeted us!  We learned about it one morning when one of our specialists logged in to answer questions from online visitors who request to chat with us.  There was something suspicious about one request.  It was not directed to us, but rather to a so-called company named: www.timesharesalesnow.com.  Our specialist visited that site.  What he saw was shocking.  These scammers had copied every detail of our website code – including our online chat service – producing a fake site that was visually indistinguishable site from our ours.  (See the image below: they used all our branding, from our logo to our type-font.)

This new timeshare scam is brash and dangerous.   An unsuspecting visitor to their site would not know the difference, unless of course they used the chat service, which was still connected to us.  However, other visitors who sent their contact information via form, or phone, would have put themselves and their information directly into the hands of a swindler.

The person(s) behind this site clearly didn’t do their homework. We happen to be the founders of the national Timeshare Scam Hotline – so we were quick to root out and shut down this work of fiction.Our research revealed that the scammers operating this website also run the following sites:  https://mybesttimeshare.com/  and http://www.sellandcanceltimeshare.com/  Do NOT do business with these companies! 

Just last week, the Oregon Digital Crimes Division of the FBI released these guidelines for protecting yourself from timeshare fraud online, via KTVZ.com :

Do at least an online search on the business that contacted you.

Look for an “About Us” page with contact information, names and locations of the purported business. Is this business rated by the Better Business Bureau? Are there complaints from other customers online? Use your favorite search engine and find out.

Try searching the street address. If the address is fraudulent or outside the U.S., stop all communication and report it.

Listen to the claims that the salesperson is making. No one can guarantee a quick sale.

Are there any up-front fees to cover closing costs, maintenance fees or other services?  Legitimate fees are typically paid after a sale or out of the proceeds – not upfront.

We realize that even following these guidelines can be challenging, especially when the scams have become so hard to spot, i.e: timesharesalesnow.com copying our digital identity and impersonating us.

The need for consumers to do due diligence is more critical than ever.  Before doing business with any potential timeshare divestment company, get on a search engine and thoroughly research them.  If you have any suspicions, call the timeshare scam hotline at 877-316-9181.  Spending the extra time could save you thousands in the long run.

This is the fraudulent website that is virtually indistinguishable from ours:

timeshare sales now is a scam site

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  1. Someone from bbl just called me about my timeshare and when I looked them up there where a lot of complaints! Please help us sell our timeshare!

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