This Scam Tempts Timeshare Owners with Unbelievable Prices

Recently a timeshare owner contacted us about an offer he received from The Club Exchange Program in Las Vegas, want to know if they are legitimate organization.  We had not heard of this particular company before so we inquired about the terms of sale. The owner said the CEP offered to wire or send cashier check for $52,800 for his Pueblo Bonito timeshare.

We instantly knew this was a scam, as timeshare experts the price for the unit was unbelievable. Our records show this type of unit going for.   Also, a quick search around the web to legitimate sales sites like Sell My Timeshare Now, or eBay would have shown prices far below this offer.   You can also call the resort directly, and buy a new unit for far less.

We went on to explain how this scam works:  you sign an agreement and return it to them. They will then send an email requesting you wire in a certain amount of funds to Mexico for transfer taxes, sales taxes, closing fees, or something similar to that. They claim you will receive the funds back at closing but in all reality there is no buyer and you will never get your money back, or the any money they promise

Anthony Walker at 702-342-1386 was the “broker” who contacted the timeshare owner.  This scam hides behind a very professional looking website.  At the time of this writing the website has been taken down, which is great news.  But the scammers will probably build the same website using a different url – it’s just that easy these days.   Timeshare con artists are getting more sophisticated all the time.  Walker claimed their agency had been in business since 2015, but a quick search showed the website was registered and created in 2017.
These companies will often acquire a list of timeshare owners by dubious means, or scrape timeshare for sale listings for victims. Always be suspicious of unsolicited calls from those claiming to buy your timeshare for a large sum if you’ll simply agree to signing some paperwork and having funds wired to you.Call our scam hotline with any offer you receive, and we will confirm whether the offer is legitimate. We are here to help timeshare owners divest of their unwanted timeshare in safe and legitimate fashion. We have an A+ Rating with BBB and a 9.8 star rating with Trust Pilot.



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  1. i have an offer of $13,775.00 for my time share to be paid,however thats only after i put up $1,275.00 ,then the buyer will give me my up front money back. is that realistic ?

    your comment .
    your answer please ,Thanks.
    george alston

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