Timeshare Mortgage Options

Thank you for your interest in Timeshare Specialists, unfortunately, we can’t offer guaranteed solutions for owners with an outstanding mortgage. ┬áNew owners on the resale market just aren’t willing to take over a timeshare mortgage, you will have to pay off your loan before we can help.

You can try listing your timeshare on free or low cost sites such as Timeshare Users Group or Redweek.com. If you go this route, be wary of anyone that claims they have a buyer ready to pay thousands for your mortgaged timeshare. Usually, this is a con, the supposed broker will ask for a deposit, if you pay you’ll never hear from him again.

With a timeshare mortgage you are still able to rent your week, which may be your best bet. You may not make a profit but at least you can recoup some of your ongoing maintenance fee expenses.

If you still need help getting rid of your timeshare after the mortgage is paid off, come back and we’ll find a new owner for your timeshare, guaranteed.

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