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Timeshare Exit Team™

Timeshare Exit Team, helps timeshare owners out of their current ownership, safely and legitimately. Millions of consumers have been unable to successfully exit their timeshare through other options in the marketplace when they realize they are no longer utilizing the property or that it is becoming a financial hardship to them. Whether they inherited the timeshare and the financial responsibilities associated with ownership, or they were convinced through a high pressure sales environment that their resort is an investment they couldn’t turn down, the Timeshare Exit Team has the experience to help them navigate a successful exit from their timeshare. We aim to educate timeshare owners of all of their options with their timeshare, and if they feel exiting that timeshare is in their best interest our staff will guide them through our unique, strategic, and guaranteed process to safely and legitimately exit them from their timeshare.  Via LinkedIn

Avg. Time to Cancel a Timeshare: 9-18 months

Timeshare Exit Cost: Varies, but avg. cost is $4,000.

Is Up-Front Payment Required: Yes

Guarantee: 100% Money-Back

Years in Business: Since 2012

Location: 30 locations across the U.S. HQ in Lynwood, WA.

BBB Rating: NR

Other Names: None

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