Timeshare Company Builds Trust—One Review at a Time

Timeshare Company Builds Trust—One Review at a Time

With so many con artists and dubious companies in the timeshare resale market, it’s hard to know exactly who to trust. That’s why Timeshare Specialists turned all of their customer reviews over to an independent, third-party company: Trust Pilot.

“We want people to know what our customers are saying about us,” says John Kushman, one of the owners of Timeshare Specialists. “And that means all of them, not just the happy ones.”

Here’s how it works. If a customer wants to review their experience with Timeshare Specialists, they send their comment directly to Trust Pilot, not to Timeshare Specialists. Trust Pilot then posts the comments on their own website, with no editing or tampering of any kind. Timeshare Specialists then adds a link to the Trust Pilot site where anyone, including potential customers and even news reporters can see what’s being said about the timeshare company.

Timeshare Company Builds Trust—One Review at a Time
“While it hasn’t happened yet, if we ever do get a bad review, it will go up on the site for all to see,” says Kushman, featured nationwide last year on Fox TV’s Bob Massi, the Property Man. “Trust Pilot doesn’t delete the bad ones or post only the good ones. They post them all.”

So what are people saying about Timeshare Specialists? Of the 96 people who reviewed the timeshare company on Trust Pilot; more than 9 out of 10 gave them a five star rating, the highest one possible.“Timeshare Specialists made the entire process smooth and simple,” says Valerie, a customer who left a review. “Their rep kept me abreast of every step along the way. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to dump their timeshare.”

“If you want to get rid of your Timeshare, you won’t find anybody better to work with than Timeshare Specialists,” says Tom, another customer who left a review. “I was rid of mine within 3 months with no upfront money and was told from the beginning what to expect, and they delivered. One was sold and one had to be transferred, for a price, but the price was at least 50% less than any other offered to me in the past. The industry is full of shady deals and scams to get your money, but Timeshare Specialists is NOT one of those. I highly recommend them.”

Timeshare Specialists is one of the only timeshare resale companies in the industry that has put their reputation on the line like this.

“Transparency builds trust,” says Kushman, who also helped start a free national timeshare scam hotline earlier this year at www.timesharespecialists.com/timeshare-scam-hotline. “In a sea full of pirates and swindlers, we want people to be certain that we’re here to help and that they can trust us completely.”

To see all the reviews, go to https://www.trustpilot.com/review/timesharespecialists.com. If you need help getting rid of a timeshare visit Timeshare Specialists online or call them at 1.800.965.6565

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