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A a couple owning a timeshare at Los Cabos Gold Resort in Mexico, receive a random call one day with an offer to sell their timeshare unit from a company called Oakwood Property Management.

Oakwood Property Management guaranteed the sale of their ownership, and said they would only take their 7% commission after the seller received the proceeds from the sale. The property management company offered them $26,000 for their timeshare, but a few legal fees need to be paid to process the transfer first.  This is one of the oldest Mexican timeshare resale scams in the books.  Once you wire the fees for “all services they claim are necessary for the sale to proceed” you never hear from them again. In reality, any broker will pay those fees out from the proceeds of an actual sale. Too bad an actual sale isn’t really what Oakwood had in mind.

Always check the resale price of your timeshare unit on the internet to verify any claim that your timeshare can be sold for x amount of dollars, or offers to buy your timeshare for more than you paid.   A quick google search and you’ll probably find your timeshare isn’t listed anywhere near the amount the scammers are offering you.

Parties in the scam and alleged contact information

Oakwood Property Management
 1144 3rd Ave
 Seattle, WA 98101
 Phone number (206) 607-9701/(206) 535-1309
 Fax: (206) 858-9642
Robert Botelo - Managing Director
 Brian Whitlock - Co-Managing Director
 Amy Read

No Record with the BBB. Company not registered with state of Washington.

The purchase contract shows an Escrow One Inc. contracted to do the closing and located in Washington state.
The website is and registered on 10/13/2016 to a man named David Alderman. The phone number associated with this domain registration leads to a fax number on their website. Escrow One is an active corporation in Washington that was filed in 1993, but it’s suspicious they waited so many years to build a website, so more due diligence was needed.

There is a company called Escrow One Inc in Lynnwood, Washington that opened in 1994 and closed in 2014.  Escrow One Inc does have a BBB rating from 1994, the phone number listed is now disconnected. But the location listed on the business license is an address in Tyler Texas.

It appears the scammers picked a company that was once a legitimate escrow company and used their good name to help cover their scam.

The names associated with Escrow One Inc are David Alderman and Jaunita Coura (the the legitimate Escrow One was founded by Jaunita Koura). Look for small details like this that scammers will hope you’ll overlook!

Timeshare Specialists called and spoke with the receptionist who claimed Juanita was unavailable at that time. We then asked for David Alderman, he was also unavailable.  Needless to say, the couple made no further communication with the scammers and reported the details to the proper authorities.  When we reported our finding to the seller they agreed that this offer was shady at best.  They ceased contact with the representatives from both companies and reported the incident state authorities.

People involved and their contact information
 David Alderman
 1546 NW 56th Street
 Seattle, Washington, 98107

Office: (206) 388-4847
 Fax: (206) 923-8130
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  1. My partner and I have been scammed by these people big time. Has anybody got to put a group together and go after these folks. What agencies have they been reported to?
    Has anybody received money back that they sent to SAT?
    Any recommendations at all or thoughts would be very much appreciated

    Al LeGaye

    1. Hi Al,

      Timeshare scam victims usually do not recoup the money they sent. We have submitted our information to the proper authorities, but these scammers are still at large.

      Here is the FBI’s recommendation for reporting timeshare fraud:

      Anyone who believes they have been a victim of this type of scam should promptly report it to the IC3’s website at The IC3’s complaint database links complaints together to refer them to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration.

  2. I just got taken by this group of thieves as well. I have filed complaints with the State Attorney General in Washington state and the IC3 – a division of the FBI. I know my money is gone – but I will continue to file complaints with every agency possible. There is another agency called Profeco – that is supposedly the Attorney General of Mexico…….

    1. Hi Diane, sorry to hear that you lost money to scammers, but we are glad you took the proper steps to report this crime. If you’d like to send us the details of the scam we will post it to our scam board to help others. Please send the details and any fraudulent documentation to info @ .

  3. I fell for the same scam and knew better than to forward money before the sale is complete. Excellent, we’ll reheased program. Do not fall for this

    1. Scammers can easily look like legitmate companies, with professional websites and phone numbers, but they can’t fake 3rd party review verification. Always work with a company with legitimate 3rd party reviews. We’re glad you avoided this scam!

  4. We got scammed big time. We need to be protected against these scammers. I dealt with Micheal Copeland, Frank Wursten 2068660788 his number and Sandra Elling. Everything looked good had all our information. Hope they get caught.

    1. Hi Sherry, we are sorry to hear you had a run-in with timeshare scammers. If you’d like to provide more details of your ordeal to one of our specialists, we will document and post your case so other people might avoid these criminals in the future. Call our timeshare scam hotline at 1-877-316-9181 for assistance.

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