Referrals, References and Recommendations: How to find an honest company in the scam ridden timeshare resale market.

One of the best ways to determine the true measure of a company’s competence and trustworthiness is through referrals and recommendations.

Unlike an ad, which is typically a self-serving statement made by the company itself, referrals and references are unbiased, third-party endorsements. They don’t come lightly. People must be confident enough that the product or service they’re recommending will provide others with the same positive experience they had. And they have to be willing to stake their reputation on it.

Finding someone to make that kind of commitment to a company that gets rid of timeshares is especially hard. Many owners who hire one aren’t typically in great spirits to start with. Most have spent considerable amounts of time and money first exhausting all their other exit options in a resale market fraught with non-performers and con men. So by the time they connect with a legitimate transfer company like Timeshare Specialists, they’re typically frustrated, skeptical, emotionally battered, and just want their entire resale experience to go away.

That’s pretty much the story of Todd and Joice Lynn, from South Carolina. They finally found Timeshare Specialists after hearing a consumer reporter make a recommendation on TV. Even then, they were skeptical. “We’d been scammed before,” Joice says. “It shuts you down.”

However, the Lynn’s were so impressed with how Timeshare Specialists handled their situation that they went on television themselves, telling their story to an On Your Side reporter in Augusta, Georgia.

“Timeshare Specialists did everything they said they would do,” Todd says during the interview, which aired February 9, 2015 on WRDW-TV. “They were on the up and up.” You can see that entire 2 minute news clip here.

According to Brent Maggio, one of the founders of Timeshare Specialists, their staff is the key to good referrals. Besides being some of the brightest, most experienced people in the business, Maggio says they are naturally friendly, helpful and, perhaps most importantly, understand that many of their callers are war weary from the resale market.

“It’s not uncommon that our team will spend 5, 10, 15 minutes helping callers process the fact that they were ripped off by scammers,” Maggio says. “Even though their problems have nothing to do with us, they’re people that need our help and compassion.”

There are no high pressure sales and no gimmicks, although the company does reward referrals with a $50 Visa cash card. Rather, Timeshare Specialists depends on honesty, hard work and educating their consumers. (Read our Reviews on Trust Pilot, Click Here)

“Our agents do a great job of not only performing their duties but explaining them to our clients,” Maggio says. “It ensures that these complicated transfers get done right the first time.”

The payoff? No negative remarks on any BBB sites. And a greater than average amount of referrals for the company. For instance, in the last month, customers left a number of glowing reviews on Timeshare Specialists’ Facebook page.

“I found Timeshare Specialists – and a lucky day that was for us,” writes Adele Simons, who goes on to tell a rather shocking story in detail. “They are the only honest company that can get rid of your Timeshare for you without ripping you off for more thousands of dollars.”

“Our experience with Timeshare Specialists…was admirable,” writes Margo Valcanoff.

“From our first phone call to our last correspondence, they were friendly, helpful, affordable and not pushy,” writes Ernesto Gonzalez. “We highly recommend Timeshare Specialists for anyone wanting to leave their timeshare commitment.”

“To have customers feeling so strongly about your services that they recommend it to others is flattering,” says Maggio. “It’s our goal to give every customer reason to trust us and be happy enough to recommend us to other people.””

If you’d like to buy, sell, rent or have a timeshare question, call Timeshare Specialists at 1-800-965-6565.

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  1. We own 540K points per year at the Welk Resort Villas in Escondido/San Diego and because the children have grown up and moved away, it’s hard to use up the time every year. Instead of wasting the un-used points each year, we’d like to sell it to others who could use the time.

    1. Hi Mary, we understand your situation. We see it all the time. If you aren’t going to use the points then it’s certainly a good idea to sell so you don’t have to keep paying maintenance fees. Please call us on Monday, 9-5pm MST, we’d be happy to give you a quote over the phone.

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