Mexican Timeshare Scam – Bay View Property Management and Escrow One Strike Again

mexican timeshare scam alert

This is another classic Mexican timeshare scam: the timeshare owner is contacted by a fake agency, they already know all the pertinent details about the timeshare ownership, and they are willing to pay an exorbitant sum of money for a property that is worth a fraction of that.

There are red flags everywhere in the first phone call, not to mention the follow-up documentation. In this post, we’ll show you the sites you can utilize to find background information on the scammers and see how many fake names are used in these scams.

But first the red flags: 1. How did they have all the details about their timeshare ownership? (They probably bought a list or stole the information off a listing site) 2. The buyers are going to pay 3X what they paid for the timeshare  3. They were asked to wire funds to Mexico.

Thankfully, the timeshare owner was already a bit wary and had called us before to inquire about timeshare divestment. She trusted our assessment of her timeshare’s value so when Bay View Property Management company offered her $59,740 for her timeshare that is selling for 1-3K on eBay she contacted us.

We requested the seller send her documentation so we could review it and find clues that could help us find the “real” names behind this scam and link it to other scams in our database.

Here’s what we found:

The company “buying” the property goes by the name Bay View Property Management. (Formerly using the name Oakwood Property Management – see this scam we busted by clicking here).  According to its website, BPM specializes in “providing conscientious, full-service real estate management”. If you continue reading the site and you’ll find it claims to offer a wide variety of vaguely described timeshare services and also claims to be an LLC.

Using we found the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the websites owners (keep in mind these can often be fraudulent too). The owner of according to Who Is database is a David Manor.

Using to do a reverse phone number look-up we discovered the numbers associated with this scam are all Fixed VoIP. A Fixed VoIP is a “line is typically associated with a business or residential phone line that is serviced by a VoIP provider instead of a traditional, local phone company. Think Comcast. Non-Fixed VoIP: is a “disposable”, internet-created phone number that can be associated with any address”.

We’ve seen the escrow company in this scam a couple months ago in a different Mexican timeshare scam as well (click here to see that scam). Escrow One Inc. is owned by a David Alderman and has phony phone numbers associated with it as well, and the registering email is

In the previous scam, the website had been taken down, but at the time of this posting is back up and running, Do not underestimate how easy it is to create and launch a legitimate-looking website in 2017. It can literally be accomplished in a matter of hours!

We look at BBB listings, state LLC listings, and general web searches to find more information on these companies. For example, a quick search for a Google business listing turned up a 1-star review of Escrow One, see photo below.

Is David Manor, David Alderman, who is also David Forester? We can’t be sure yet, but the names below are all involved in this scam. We have reported this scam to the proper authorities and will continue to update our database with these hucksters alias and relevant information.

escrow one timeshare scam

















Names Involved with Scam

Bay View Property Management
David Forester
Daniel Hope
Brian West

See phony contract, click here

Escrow One Inc.
David Alderman

See phony contract, click here.

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  1. Daniel Hope from Bay View Property Management sent me a contract for the purchase of my timeshare. Benchmark Escrow Inc. in now involved in setting up the closing. David Forester is listed on the contract as a representative of Bay View. Michael Copeland from Benchmark Escrow Inc. is in charge of getting all the closing papers signed. No money has been exchanged and it seems as if none ever will.

    1. Hi David, that’s great news that no money has been exchanged – this is 100% a scam contract. We haven’t see the name Michael Copeland used yet in a scam, but will be sure to post it to our scam database. Benchmark Escrow appears to be a legitimate company here but this one looks like a phony version, but probably just a front the scammers were hiding behind. Thank you for sharing this important information with us.

  2. I just got an offer contract agreement to purchase my Sunset Marina Lagoon Timeshare from Brandon Moreno of Bay View Property Management. The contract says my contact info is David Forrester. I am aware and still looking for more details about this purchase agreement, I did not send back the contract yet. Do they really send the funds and I have to pay back 7% commission to BVPM? What is the Mexican tax being mentioned on the previous review? Please provide more details before it’s too late for me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jaymel –

      How did this end up working out for you? I have the exact same situation with Bay Biew Property Management / AKA Beach Property Management. We’re supposed to close this week with Escrow Solutions- they claim will wire funds and then I send 7% commissions and pay Resort transfer fees outside of closing. I’m very skeptical- just can’t figure out how they’re going to scam me. They’ve even recommended I open an account with minimal funds and move to another account when available before sending commissions.

      I hope your situation turned out well!

      Thank you,

      1. Ian, they are going to scam you! Trust us. Please call our scam hotline at 1-888-460-8819 if you require further assistance. How much did they offer to buy your timeshare for? Check this against current market rates for your unit at and you will soon see the discrepancies in their offer versus reality.

        1. Ian, we are in the same boat. Same company and suppose to close this week as well. How far are you in money-wise?

  3. I have been getting calls and voicemails from and received an email offer from Jason at Bay View Property Management for my timeshare. The offer seemed to good to be true.

  4. I have also been scammed by R-5 Realty and Escrow Management are five Realty name is Jason Theodore Escrow Management is Patrick Luna I was selling my sunset Lagoon property they are the lowest of the lowest scum in the world God will get them

  5. I have dealt with William Sanderson of R5 Realty and Parick Luna of Escrow Management. They asked for payment of RFC and Federal Income Taxes, now they are asking for State income tax as well. I finally checked with the resort itself what it would take to sell it. They advised, that this is all a scam, as there are no taxes or RFC’s to be paid in order to sell a time share

    1. HI Stephan, we’re SO glad to hear you didn’t take the bait and checked with your resort first. Any taxes charged to timeshare owners are typically itemized within the maintenance fee bill. Sometimes they are billed separately. But if anything ever seems fishy about a timeshare deal always double check and ask questions! Good job on your due diligence. It’s unfortunate to hear these hucksters are still at at…

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