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Timeshare Specialists voted one of the most socially responsible companies in North America for the second time this year

Bozeman, MT, December 27, 2019—For the second time this year, Timeshare Specialists was voted one of the most socially responsible companies in North America, an especially remarkable accomplishment given that the timeshare resale market* is polluted with shady companies and outright scammers.

Prominent editors and reporters of top-tier publications, including USA Today and The Associated Press, judged the competition.  They selected Timeshare Specialists as the gold winner of the Best in Biz® Award for “Corporate Social Responsibility” in honor of the company’s conscientious business practices and altruistic efforts, including its founding of the nation’s first and only timeshare scam hotline. Mastercard won the silver award for the same category.

“It was a particularly competitive field in the 9th annual program,” the award organizers said of the win.  “With a high percentage of entrants missing this year’s distinction, this is truly an accomplishment to applaud.” 

Timeshare Specialists is a company that helps timeshare owners find new people willing to take title of their hard to sell properties.  They started a free hotline to help timeshare owners navigate a resale market* that the Better Business Bureau has warned numerous times is one of the most likely places in the U.S. to get scammed.

“This award validates our honesty and integrity in an industry otherwise fraught with corruption,” says John Kushman, co-owner of Timeshare Specialists.  “We’re especially grateful that this recognition comes from people who are not only objective, but inherently discerning and discriminating journalists.”


timeshare specialists best in biz award winner 2019

Best in Biz® Awards, which premiered in 2011, is the only independent business awards program judged each year by a who’s who of prominent editors and reporters from such top-tier publications as Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, Barron’s, Consumer Affairs, Inc., USA Today, Wired, among others.  

Earlier this year, Timeshare Specialists won a Stevie® Award for “Corporate Social Responsibility” presented by the American Business Awards.


* Note: The resort side of the timeshare industry is legitimate and distinct from the timeshare resale side where corruption is commonplace.


About Timeshare Specialists

Timeshare Specialists is located in Bozeman, Montana.  The company and its founders have helped more than 50,000 owners find new owners for their hard to sell timeshares, all while remaining ethically responsible to both their customers and to the resorts.

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