Bavaro Timeshare Closing Will Offer you 80K for Your Week – Las Vegas Timeshare Scam

bavaro timeshare scam

80K for a Grand View Las Vegas Timeshare was the offer Katrina received on March 2018.

A quick Google search made Katherine suspicious–after all, the offer seemed too good to be true: 80k for her Grand View Las Vegas Timeshare? There had to be a catch.

And indeed there was. A quick call to our Timeshare Scam Hotline confirmed Katherine’s hunch.

Yes, this was 100% a scam offer.

We had Katherine forward the documents and details of the offer so we could investigate.

Their sales price of $80,000 was the first red flag. Grandview at Las Vegas currently sell for less than $1,000 per ownership.

The fact that they were asking for a wire to the Dominican Republic was the biggest red flag. There is no reason to wire funds to a different company in a different country when the closing agency and the resort are both located in the US.

Then we checked both Nevada and Oregon’s Business entity database online and Bavaro Timeshare Closing is not registered in either state.

bavaro timeshare scam Their address in Oregon is doesn’t exist. Their address in Las Vegas is a UPS store!

Next, we checked their website registration to verify ownership and date the website was started.  The website was registered in August of last year by a person in Las Vegas who listed his address as a Walgreen’s Pharmacy.

Finally, Bavaro lists ARDA(American Resort Developers Association) membership on their website. However, Bavaro Timeshare Closing is listed on A.R.D.A.’s website as a fraudulent company using their logo.

We recommended Katherine cease all communication with this company and report this crime to the appropriate agencies.

Bavaro Timeshare Closings 
TELEPHONE: 916-222-5118
Toll Free (800)498-9530
Fax 844 296 0941
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy Suite 178
Las Vegas, NV 89169



ACCOUNT NUMBER. # 011825463710017


Banco BHD Leon Swift : BCBHDOSDXXX

Bank Address – Ave Sarasota #163 Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic .

Account Holders address > calle Erik Leonard Ekman # 07 , Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic.

Below is a screenshot of Bavaro Timeshare’s website.  To an unsuspecting consumer, this website looks legitimate. However the reviews are not third-party verified, Bavaro is certainly writing their own reviews.  These scammers are also using the logos of legitimate businesses, making it appear as if they are associated with them, to give the illusion they are a professional company within the timeshare industry.

how to spot a timeshare scam

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  1. I am sad to tell you guys that I just been scammed by this group of people, I feel very stupid and confused and not sure how I share this information.
    Went to my local police station and they have no idea how to go about this problem.

    1. Hello Hector, if you have already sent money then you will not be seeing it again. I’m sorry you had to find this out the hard way. What state are you in? We can send you some instructions on how to report this crime to authorities.

  2. Yo lo reporte a las agencias de envío pero no se pudo hacer nada para coger a estos estafadores pero la vida da vuelta y ellos tienen que caer tarde o temprano

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